5 Mistakes Often Made With Drop Shipping Stores

More problems to avoid while starting a Drop Shipping business

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs have experienced failure first hand with the downfall of their online store. Dropshipping seems to be a key contributor in most instances. Dropshipping can be extremely beneficial for an ecommerce store when handled correctly. Dropshipping frees you from storing inventory and allows your system to purchase goods that will be sent from the manufacturer directly to your customer. There are several routine mistakes that ensure entrepreneurs do not capture the benefits due. Take a closer look at these errors.

1.Making the right choice of a drop shipping and fulfillment supplier is essential because their behavior will impact every aspect of your business. Nothing is more important than selecting someone who will deliver the results you require. Besides reading reviews and testimonials about potential suppliers, you should place a test order. This will allow you to experience firsthand the type of service you can expect.

2.Do not become complacent once you have found a quality supplier. Consider what may happen if your supplier runs out of stock or shuts down. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a mistake for your business. Immediately begin looking for a backup drop shipping and fulfillment supplier who will also be able to attend to your orders. Make sure your primary contract allows you to order from others.

3.Make sure your shipping costs appear upfront on your website since customers hate it when they reach the end of shopping and are surprised by a huge shipping fee at the checkout. This is one of the main reasons they often abandon their shopping carts. A shipping calculator tool is an option for the order page, or you can go with a flat rate. Free shipping is a powerful tool if it does not hurt your margins, since 90 percent of shoppers choose this incentive for online shopping.

4.Every customer is eager to know how long they will have to wait to receive their order when buying online. Far too many ecommerce stores and drop shipping and fulfillment suppliers seem to disappear once the checkout button has been clicked. Customer interaction and communication is so important. If you don’t reassure them they are going to think you are a scam. An easy to use order tracking system may be the solution. Update customers by email regarding their orders. Customer satisfaction is maintained when you provide a quality service.

5.Make sure you have a streamlined return policy or you’re going to have a lot of angry customers. There needs to be timely responses to customer inquiries, especially with refunds and replacements. This will help maintain a good relationship with your customers despite
things not working out as planned.

6.Running a single dropshipping store is not the best strategy. Managing two or three stores will leave you in a better position and bring in great annual revenue. Even if you’re happy with a particular niche, having other stores that are completely different will give you backup if anything goes wrong. One should always diversify to protect against unexpected economic changes.

Dropshipping can become the ideal business model for you as you continue to rectify your mistakes and streamline your business to provide a quality service for your deserving customers.